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Longhorn dagger knife belt clip pendant

Longhorn Dagger Knife Belt Clip
Belt Clip Or Pendant Worn Necklace

Longhorn Dagger Knife - This stainless steel dagger features the iconic western longhorn design and can be worn with a necklace; clipped onto your waist, pocket or belt. The knife blade is made from D2 stainless steel and the buckle clip is a hand polished steel alloy. This hidden knife makes for an excellent self defense weapon! (Click for more info and pricing)


Features: Belt - Necklace clip and longhorn dagger design knife

Buckle Material: Hand polished steel alloy buckle - clip

Blade Material: Polished D2 stainless steel

Blade Dimensions: 1.25 inch Long Blade

Overall Dimensions:  6cm tall. 7.7cm wide and 2.8 cm thick.


Orders shipped within one business day!



2-5 Days for Domestic

15-18 Days for International



30-Day Money Back Or Exchange Guarantee

Concealed longhorn western bull dagger knife belt clip or pendant worn hidden blade weapon for self defense and personal defense. Pendant worn or clips onto waist, belt or pocket with easy access bladed knife. cattle design knife, cowboy, Hidden Knives, Concealed knife, EDC knives, everyday carry knife. Hip worn dagger horns knife blade. Horn knife, personal defense, Woman self defense. Old west style knife. Stainless steel hip knife. 

Western Belt Knife Dagger Pendant neck knife.
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